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Worker Classification Coordinated Enforcement Council

About Us

The Utah Worker Classification Enforcement Council, created by the 2011 Utah Legislature, is a multi-agency taskforce with the following purposes:

  1. to investigate the nature and extent of worker misclassification in Utah;
  2. assess the results of regulatory and law enforcement efforts;
  3. improve information sharing by member agencies; and
  4. recommend legislative changes.

How to report worker misclassification

If you think an employer is misclassifying workers, please notify the Utah Labor Commission by calling (801) 530-6112. Commission staff will discuss your complaint with you and then take appropriate action to investigate the complaint.

Council Members

Christopher Hill, Chair, Utah Labor Commission

Amy Arnn, Utah State Tax Commission

Jacob Hart, Utah Department of Commerce

Kevin Burt, Department of Workforce Services

Paul Tonks, Assistant Attorney General

All meeting agendas and minutes will be provided on the
Utah Public Notice Website
The existing documents will remain here as an available archive.