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Industrial Accidents Division

Our Mission

To assist in resolving disputes involving workplace injuries fairly and efficiently and to monitor and enforce state-required workers’ compensation coverage.

The Division is responsible for administering the Workers’ Compensation Act. Since 1917, Utah’s workers compensation system has provided medical care and disability payments for injured workers and immunity from personal injury lawsuits for employers. With few exceptions, all employers must provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

Injured Workers

The primary objective of the claims intake section of the Industrial Accidents Division is to educate, and assist in resolving disputes that may arise during the workers’ compensation claim process, and ensure timely and accurate claim reporting.


The compliance section ensures that employers are compliant with the Utah Workers’ Compensation Act by providing workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.


Insurance Carriers

The Industrial Accidents Division is responsible for collecting workers’ compensation claims, ensuring data quality is submitted according to the IAIABC National Standard and accurately maintaining information for all workers’ compensation stakeholders.

Medical Providers

The Industrial Accidents Division assists medical providers with reporting work related injuries or illnesses and assists medical providers in resolving medical disputes. The Industrial Accidents Division is also responsible in annually updating the medical fee standards.


The Industrial Accidents resource section includes miscellaneous resources available associated with Utah’s workers’ compensation system.