How can I protect my right to be paid for my work?

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  • Work for reputable employers! Avoid employers who have a reputation for not paying employees’ wages, or treating employees unfairly in other ways.
  • Know who you’re working for! Collect the following information as soon as you begin work, and then keep it in your permanent records:

    1. Employer’s first and last name _______________________
    2. Telephone number _________________________________
    3. Office address _____________________________________
    4. License plate number _______________________________

  • Document your hours! If you aren’t certain your employer is maintaining accurate records, keep your own record. Every day, write down the time you begin work, lunch breaks, and the time you stop work. Note the project you worked on. Without this information, it may be difficult to prove that your employer has not paid your wages.
  • Don’t wait! File your claim for unpaid wages immediately. As time passes, it becomes more difficult to prove you are entitled to the wages; it also becomes more difficult to collect the wages. (You must file a wage claim with the Labor Commission within one year; you have four years to file a wage claim in court.)

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Remember: Without daily time records, it may be very difficult to prove that your employer has not paid you your wages.

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