Workplace Safety (WPS) Grant Program

Every year, the Utah Labor Commission accepts applications for grant projects or initiatives demonstrating a commitment to workplace safety (WPS). Some of the proposals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of workshops and training
  • Implementation of specialized safety programs
  • Increasing effort and resources for existing programs
  • Collaborative workplace safety training between organizations
  • Entities eligible to apply for a grant include Utah businesses, community-based organizations, Utah non-profits and local associations and educational institutions

The WPS Committee of the Labor Commission has identified key priorities upon which to focus safety prevention efforts for the upcoming year. The focus is with industries and occupations that have higher incidences of workplace accidents and fatalities such as construction, manufacturing and highway safety, as well as projects that assist Utah employers in maintaining safer work environments regardless of language and cultural barriers.

The WPS Grant Guidelines and Application page details outlining criteria successful applicants must satisfy, including the process the Commission shall use to award the funds.

To apply for a WPS grant use the forms below:

  1. Regular Grant Application
  2. Safety Awards Application

If you have received a grant:

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