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June 1, 2012

Louis M. Silva

UOSH Announces The “Prevention Four”
Residential Construction Initiative

Salt Lake City, UT - To foster collaboration and provide essential support to Utah companies during the busy construction season, UOSH announces their “Residential Construction Emphasis Initiative - Prevention Four” effective May 1, 2012 through September 30, 2012.

UOSH Consultation will be visiting residential construction sites state-wide, providing information to employers, and promoting injury prevention by helping identify and eliminate the four major causes of injuries in construction sites which are: 1) Falls from elevations such as floors, platforms, roofs; 2) getting struck by falling objects, vehicles, or equipment; 3) getting caught in/between excavation/trench cave-ins; unguarded machinery and equipment; and 4) safety regarding electrical overhead power lines, power tools, cords, outlets and temporary wiring.

During their visits, Safety and Health Consultants are offering the following services to Employers: Assistance in recognizing safety and health hazards in the workplace, suggesting and providing options for correcting hazards identified, sharing information about additional consultation services, and providing additional training on the “PREVENTION FOUR” initiative

The UOSH Consultation Program provides no-cost, on-site safety and health services that are 100 percent confidential, available by request, and at no charge to small employers in the construction industry. The main goal of UOSH is preventing work related injuries and illnesses through a cooperative effort with employers.

By initiating this program, UOSH is taking positive steps to maximize the protection of employees and eliminate workplace hazards at residential construction sites.

For more information, please visit or call Ms. Kate McNeill, UOSH Consultation Manager at (801) 530- 6855.