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New Corporate Director/Officer Exclusion to Workers' Compensation

SALT LAKE CITY, May, 14 2013 -- Senate Bill 45, passed in the 2013 legislative session and amends the Workers’ Compensation Act, statute 34A-2-104, to allow corporations with only directors and officers and no employees, to file a notice of their election to exclude themselves from workers’ compensation benefits. This exclusion is limited to corporations with no more than five directors/officers. Implementation of this amendment will take place on May 14, 2013.

It should be noted that corporations that contract out their work are not eligible for this exclusion filing, those corporations should apply for a workers’ compensation coverage waiver. Also, if the corporation has a workers’ compensation policy in place, director/officer exclusion is reported as an endorsement to the workers’ compensation policy.

For more information see our page on Corporate Exclusion.