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January 16, 2014

CONTACT: Elena Bensor
Community Relations / Public Information Officer
(801) 530-6918 / cell: (801)707-1108

Employers Should Be Cautious of Solicitors Who “Sell” Required Workplace Posters


SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Labor Commission is aware of a solicitation letter (Notice) sent to employers throughout the state asking them to send a processing fee in order to become compliant with State and Federal poster requirements, by offering to sell an “All-In-One” poster to the employer. We are concerned these notices appear to threaten to penalize employers for not purchasing posters and are thus misleading.

Required workplace posters, which must be displayed in a visible location somewhere in the workplace, are available free of charge.

“It is not unlawful for private companies to make and sell the posters, but it is important for employers to know they can obtain them at no cost if they choose” Labor Commissioner Hayashi stated. “I am concerned, however, if private sellers misrepresent themselves by mailing letters or notices to employers which appear to come from a state or federal agency as a means to sell the posters.” she continued.

You may report any such suspicious letters or calls to the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection at: or by calling 801-530-6601 or Toll-Free:1-800-721-SAFE.

For information regarding required posters and to download updated versions, visit the Labor Commission’s website at: