Consultation Success Stories

  • Association for creating a safe work place environment. This is a· result from OSHA Consultation and WCF.

    I would highly recommend OHSA Consultation to everyone, it has change our thinking about safety, and how important it is. it has saved thousands of dollars with our insurance company. We are now at 780 days without a lost time accident; this is a result from OSHA consultation.

    Sincerely, Dennis Dahle
    Safety Manager

  • The partnership that was created with the consultation department will help us provide a safer environment for our employees to work in.

    Kris Harrop
    HSES Manager

  • Lisa definitely influenced positive change by being approachable, professional and reliable. M.S. Concrete thanks Lisa for her help.

    Colby Counley
    Estimator/Project Manager

  • standards. Liberty Safe has noticed a positive atmosphere and a willingness to comply by all employees. We would recommend this service to all companies in Utah. We would also like thank UOSH Consulting for giving us their time and service to help all of us improve and make Liberty Safe a safer and much better place to work.

    Quinn Herbert

  • Our motto is:


    Upon starting our business we tried to create our own safety manual, which proved to be extremely difficult. Ultimately we turned to a safety service company to make one for us, which was a great improvement over what we had. After going through those manuals we noticed there were a lot of issues that still needed attention. FlowQuip decided to contact OSHA and participate in the Voluntary Protection Program.

    “Some people may think you actually called OSHA into your shop?” Let me tell you it was painless. They were very helpful in the issues that we had, while finding a few that we were not aware of.

    FlowQuip has since corrected the issues that were brought to our attention during the VPP consultation, while implementing them into our safety program.

    FlowQuip is very grateful for the VPP and OSHA.


    Greg Irvine
    Mining and Industrial LLC

  • and thought, “if it is true, this service would benefit our company as it would be valuable to have another set of trained eyes focused on safety and possible hazards."

    We had a great experience. In our opinion, this really is a valuable independent view and assessment. We felt great about our consultation, which led us to a better understanding of how to prevent workplace injuries and suggested practical ways to improve our safety program. The icing on the cake is that this OSHA consulting service is free! OSHA now feels like a valued partner rather than "the enforcer".

    In sum, OSHA Consultation Services assisted us to reduce risk, increase employee participation, and limit liability. What business wouldn't want a partner like that?

    Thank you,

    Mark Thomas
    HR Director, Uintah Resources, Inc.

  • that we were blind to until they helped us realize how much clearer and easier we could design our systems.

    These are very underutilized services. We wish we would have asked them to visit earlier.

    Thank you UOSH Consultation.

    Jake Richhart

  • improve the safety and health programs for their employees.


    Daniel R. Hancock
    Universal Industrial Sales, Inc.

  • an OSHA approved respiratory program; essentially preventing airborne chemical exposures in the lab.There are no repercussions from a UOSH consultation visit. No fines or penalties are issued. This free service is similar to hiring an expensive consultant to inspect your work site. Many companies pay for this type of an inspection and then pay again to correct the deficiencies. Why pay at all !?

    Concerning OSHA regulations, UOSH consultation is the one department we contact to get the most accurate up-to-date information. The consultation personnel have always been helpful and quick to respond.

    Please consider UOSH consultation services the next time you are perplexed with a safety problem. You'll get the best information at no cost to you. You’ll prevent an accident and perhaps, save a life!

    Best regards,

    L. Scott Williams
    Safety & Environmental Representative,
    Frontier Scientific, Inc.

  • we needed to improve and also pointed out some good things that we had already implemented.

    Through the next couple of months, I worked closely with Dave to complete and improve those items that needed improving. It was quite the process, but Dave was always there if I needed him and even brainstormed some ideas with me when needed. After the trials, and some hard work, we can now say that our shop is OSHA compliant. We feel great about our accomplishment and owe our success to OSHA CONSULTATION and for all their assistance.

    Thank you!

    Stacy Harker
    Project Management, Inc

  • Prior to the consultation he sent me a template that was directed towards our type of business. I modified it to fit our needs and after the consultation he reviewed it and made great suggestions. Clark was a pleasure to host at our business. He provided us with additional hard copy materials to complete worker training. He had a genuine interest in the services that we were providing and gave appropriate feedback as we walked through the business discussing safety and health issues related to our facility. He has offered to come for a follow up visit once we have had time to settle in.

    It was great to have someone supportive and motivated to help us get started on the right foot.

    Lindsey Waddoups
    Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
    Clinical Research Centers of America

  • to point out potential risks was extremely valuable.

    As an employer, I appreciate the consulting aspect of your agency. It removes the stigma that OSHA typically brings to a worksite.

    We plan to continue to invite your agency to partner with us in providing a safe environment for our most valued asset — our people.


    Randy Russon
    Cornerstone Concrete

  • information and guidance from your group that was critical to assuring the safest possible working environment for my employees.

    David Bloomfield was the primary agent I worked with and found him to be a wealth of experience and knowledge. My time with David saved me many hours of research and provided me with the opportunity to receive virtually immediate feedback on the many questions I had. David also provided a valuable review of the safety and health programs I had generated, often times identifying areas where I could save time and money in my compliance efforts.

    For anyone who is genuinely concerned with improving their safety and compliance environment or their knowledge of OSHA regulations I highly recommend that they contact UOSH consultation division. Beyond saving time and money, it is comforting to know that the answers and help a person receives from OSHA consultation are the most accurate and timely possible.

    To those who would worry about bringing OSHA into their operations I would say that OSHA consultation recognizes the efforts of a business to improve and understands the needs of that business to operate effectively. They earnestly seek to partnership with businesses to help them to be compliant as economically and effectively as possible. Their mission is to help, not to cite.

    Many thanks again for the valuable help that David Bloomfield and the OSHA consultation division provided to me as we expanded our operations in Salt Lake.

    Mark L Morris
    Safety Director – Superior Service Transport

  • call at the Utah Labor Commission. Once I made contact with a consultant there, things became much easier. Make no mistake, there may be a lot of work for you to do to become OSHA compliant, but it can be done much more efficiently with a consultant. Ours furnished sample documents, a complete walk-through of our facility to evaluate our current status, many encouraging and instructive phone calls and lots of help by e-mail.

    Since there is now an OSHA Referral Service in place, I would urge you to take advantage of all they can do for you!

    Cathy Eddington,
    Nursing Coordinator

  • As a SHARP certified company for 10 years, Futura Industries can attest to the many benefits of participating in this innovative program. The On-site Consultation Program's consultants are cordial and clearly communicate the program's requirements and expectations. They are very helpful with identifying opportunities for improvement as well as finding solutions. They will also help you to understand the standards and will providing training when requested. They truly want your business to succeed in preventing injuries and illnesses and will assist as needed to make that happen.

    The SHARP program has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.

    Matt Mikkelson
    Safety Director

  • to improve safety at our facility.

    Several areas of concern were identified and Lawnie helped us with information of how to bring our place of business into full OSHA compliance.

    We were given several months to work on our safety improvements and many times during that time I would call the labor commissions and Lawnie would offer the needed solutions over the phone.

    In summary: Had we just proceeded with out professional assistance on our facility safety make¬over I believe it would have been more costly and probably not totally compliant. It was a good experience for our Company and extremely informative. We see OSHA is a different light these days and plan to use their various training programs in the future.

    Jay M. Johnson, Field Safety
    Brent Coats, Safety Manager
    Alan Cardall, President
    Nancy Cardall, Treasurer

  • into the workplace. Since no person or organization is perfect, we wanted to have an inspection of our workplace to confirm that we were doing things right and to correct those problems that may have been overlooked by supervisors. The UOSH Public Sector Consultation Service proved to be the perfect solution for our concerns. After an initial meeting with the consultant and supervisory staff, a thorough inspection of the entire workplace ensued. The consultant was friendly and fair. She clearly identified problems and helped supervisors understand how to safely resolve the issue. This free service will continue to help Sandy City Public Works protect our employees and keep our safety costs low.

    Paul Browning
    Assistant Public Works Director

  • Dunford was nominated to receive a Worker Compensation Fund 2011 Safety Award. Out of 20,000 WCF policy holders we were one on the top 54 companies selected for showing exemplary safety culture. This would not have happened without the help of OSHA and WCF. I would recommend working with OSHA on any level. They are not only helpful and informative, but also give you time and advice on how to fix the problems. We are already looking forward to our next OSHA consultation.

    Remember; OSHA helps make it safe for all employees.

    Dennis Dahle
    Safety Manager, Operations Manager

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