Voluntary Protection Program

The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) promotes comprehensive workplace safety and health management systems through cooperative relationships among management, labor, and OSHA.  Admission to VPP status constitutes UOSH’s official recognition of company management and employees with outstanding occupational safety and health management systems.

VPP is based on a cooperative relationship between management, labor and Public Sector, the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) management system promotes worker protection, requiring active employee involvement and management commitment. The VPP process emphasizes the continual identification and elimination of hazards.

Become a Special Government Employee (SGE)

As a Special Government Employee (SGE), volunteers work alongside UOSH during VPP site-evaluation visits. SGEs fulfil a service on behalf of their employers by providing outreach to other companies. At the same time, SGEs take back to their VPP-participating employers any Best Practices they encounter during site-evaluation visits. Serving as an SGE allows VPP participants and UOSH to work together in promoting safety and health leadership.

Dates and locations for upcoming SGE courses are featured in the attached schedule. Please note that the SGE Application is due a few months before the training.

UOSH proudly presents our current Utah VPP Sites:

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