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Verify a Utah employer has Workers’ Compensation (WC) Insurance Coverage.

When clicking on the Workers' Compcheck logo below, you will go to an external website maintained by NCCI (the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc.). NCCI is the largest provider of workplace injury data and statistics in the nation. The Workers' Compcheck site requires "Cookies" and "JavaScript" to be enabled to function correctly.

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With few exceptions, Utah law requires employers to have workers' compensation insurance coverage for their employees working in Utah. If you suspect an employer is wrongfully operating without workers' compensation insurance, please contact the Utah Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents Division's WC Policy Section at (801) 530-6099.

The POC logo provides searchable information on Utah employers' WC insurance coverage from 1986. This POC data is electronically updated daily. The accuracy of this "third party" data cannot be guaranteed by the Industrial Accidents Division or the Utah Labor Commission. The POC data is NOT a legal verification of coverage or lack of coverage. For specific information or questions (and WC coverage information prior to 1986), please contact the WC Policy Section at (801) 530-6800 or toll free at 1-800-530-5090.

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