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2017 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference

The Utah Labor Commission and the Utah Industrial Accident Division are sponsoring a Workers' Compensation Educational Conference. The full-day conference will feature current information topics, broadening your understanding and knowledge of workers' compensation, claim assistance, compliance enforcement, dispute mediation and hearings in the State of Utah. We’ll also celebrate 100 years of workers’ compensation and the Labor Commission in Utah. For more information please see the 2017 Workers' Compensation Conference Brochure .

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2016 St. George Workers' Compensation Educational Conference

The Utah Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents Division, is holding its 2016 St. George Workers' Compensation Educational Conference. If you would like to attend, please fill out the Registration form and forward it to the Utah Labor Commission, P O Box 146610, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6610

2015 Workers' Compensation Educational Conference

The 2015 workers' compensation educational conference took place on Friday, October 16, 2015, at The Sheraton Salt Lake Hotel. Presentations from the conference included:

2014 St George Workers' Compensation Conference

On Friday, February 21, 2014, Dr. Alan Colledge and Dr. Kirt Kimball presented at the Labor Commission's 2014 St. George Conference and everyone was delighted with their presentations. Please find the presentations below.

Workers Compensation Seminar, Feb 21, 2014, Alan Colledge, MD

Dr Kirt Kimball - Anatomy and Classification of Chondral Injury Knee Joint.

2013 Workers' Compensation Conference

We were delighted to hold our 2013 Utah Labor Commission Workers' Compensation Educational Conference. We provided legislative and Division updates, as well as a number of relevant medical presentations. Please find the available presentations below.

Dr Colledge Workers Compensation Seminar

Dr John Speed Mild TBI- Dx and Rx 2013

Dr Kirt Kimball - Treatment of Injured Workers Shoulder and Knee Injuries

Dr Leaman Practical Aspects of Sleep Disorders

Dr Mark Melhorn Medical Causation

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