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Records Requests

If you are requesting workers’ compensation records on yourself or an individual, the Industrial Accidents Division will pull workers’ compensation records when we have the necessary documentation and required authorization. The Utah Labor Commission workers’ compensation records are classified as “private” per the Government Records Access and Management ACT (GRAMA). The Commission records are not subject to the HIPAA rules.

Please remember that the Utah Labor Commission does not have Medical Records. Medical Records are with the insurance carrier or physician that was involved in the particular claim.

Necessary documentation:

  1. Form 205 – Authorization to Release Industrial Accidents Records. This is the form to request Industrial Accident Records, it contains all the necessary information and must be signed and notarized.  Other releaseforms may be used but must contain the required information and be notarized.  ALL release forms must be DATED and NOTARIZED no more than 90 DAYS before the date of the request.

  2. Along with the Notarized Release, a fee of $15.00 must be received before a records search is conducted. After the records are pulled, our Form 203 will be sent with the copy charge of $.25 per document, and the amount must be paid before documents are mailed.  Certified copies of documents are $2.00 per certification using our own certification. *Records requested by the claimant for the claimant's use are free of charge.

  3. Any employer, or third party firm requesting information on behalf of an employer, must include a conditional job offer with employee's name and employer's name listed and signed by the employee and a representative of the employer. Any third party firm must also include proof of authorization from the employer to receive such records. The authorization can be a statement from the employer or a copy of any agreement to obtain records.


Utah Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents Division, administers the workers’ compensation program in Utah, we are not an insurance carrier so we would not have CLAIM PAYMENT INFORMATION. The insurance carrier that paid out on the claim(s) would be the entity that would have payment information and medical records.

If any questions, please call the Records Request Contact at 801-530-6844.

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