Charged with oversight of workers’ compensation insurance compliance in Utah, the Policy staff ensures, to the best of our abilities, that all employers’ carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees.

Random audits of Utah employers for compliance with the workers’ compensation requirements are performed on a regular basis. Utah Code provides for a penalty to be imposed for noncompliance of the Workers’ Compensation Act. We offer an on-line tool called CompCheck, to verify if an employer has workers’ compensation coverage.

We manage the workers’ compensation coverage waivers in Utah. Our program includes an on-line waiver application and waiver verification.

We oversee the director/officer corporate exclusion filing available to corporations with no employees and who do not subcontract out their work. This exclusion filing is limited to corporations that do not have a workers’ compensation insurance policy and have no more than five directors/officers.

We control self-insurance for workers’ compensation.  An employer must obtain approval from the Industrial Accidents Division to become a self-insured and to maintain self-insured status.

Oversight is provided of workers’ compensation carrier policy reporting and injury claim information.

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