Permanent Partial Disability Statement of Compensation vs. Settlement

A Permanent Partial Disability Statement of Compensation (Form 219) is not a full and final settlement agreement. Money given on a "Statement of Compensation" is compensation for the permanent damage done by the injury.  A medical provider issues an impairment rating and based on the calculations established by the law,  the injured worker is paid a calculated amount of wages.   The claim remains open and future medicals linked to the original injury are covered.

A full and final settlement agreement is an agreed upon amount between the injured worker and the insurance carrier for future medicals and existing expenses and has been approved by a Law Judge. This agreement can be made through the mediation/claims resolution program and an injured worker can have an ombusdsperson available who can assist them through this process. Once the agreement is signed by the Law Judge, the claim is then permanently closed.  Click here for more information on other types of Settlement Agreements.

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