Extra Territorial FAQ

How do I request an extra-territorial certificate or obtain additional information?

To request an extra territorial certificate please send the following information to ET@utah.gov

  1. Name of Business
  2. Workers’ Compensation Policy Number
  3. State of Issuance
  4. Duration of Time (not to exceed 6 months in a 12 month period or beyond the current policy end date)
Will my Utah workers’ compensation insurance cover my employees working out of state?

Utah law allows employees who have been hired or regularly employed in Utah to be covered by Utah insurance while working outside of Utah for a period of six months. The employer may extend such coverage for a greater period of time by notifying the Industrial Accidents Division. Please note, the states not listed typically will not have their own extraterritorial provisions and will require you to purchase workers’ compensation insurance coverage in that state as soon as you begin doing any work there. Each state’s reciprocal arrangement varies by its own limitations and exclusions. You should become familiar with the other state's provisions before taking your employees to that state.

What if the state I will work in is not on the list of states Utah has reciprocal arrangements with?

Though you will continue to be covered by your Utah policy for a time, that particular state will more than likely have their own coverage requirements. You should check that state's requirements so you will be compliant with their laws. You will generally need to purchase a policy that covers that state or ask your current insurance carrier to endorse that state on to your existing policy if possible.

What if I have Utah employees in another state longer than six months?

The State of Utah can only issue a certificate for a period not to exceed six months in a 12 month period. Any employer seeking to extend a certificate longer than six months would need to obtain a letter or email of assurance extending exposure and coverage from the insurance carrier. This assurance would need to be received along with a new request prior to a new certificate being issued. If at any time a Utah employer seeks to hire employees from within the state they are temporarily working in, they will need to seek a policy endorsing that state to cover those employees.

Out of state employers temporarily working inside Utah may qualify for extra-territorial coverage from their state. Any employer desiring to work in Utah less than six months should contact their home state workers’ compensation bureau for specific rules.

Utah’s Extra-Territorial Statute

How do I know if my state has a reciprocity agreement with Utah?

We update our reciprocity list periodically, however you may visit our Extra Territorial homepage for specific state information. List of States

If my state does have a reciprocity arrangement with Utah, can I work in Utah and be covered under my own state’s policy?

If your state has a reciprocity arrangement with Utah, it means that you can work in Utah as long as you are covered in your state while working temporarily in Utah. In this situation, Utah will not require you to get a policy while in Utah. However, you will be required to contact your state to have them issue an Extra Territorial certificate to be sent to the State of Utah, verifying your existing coverage and requesting reciprocity within our state. If at any time an out of state employer hires an employee(s) from the State of Utah, while working in Utah, they will be required to obtain a policy endorsing Utah to cover these employees and to remain compliant within our state.

How long can I work in Utah under my home state’s coverage?

The statute says that you can work in Utah “temporarily” and continue to be covered under your own state’s policy. This had been interpreted to mean 6 months. After that time you would be considered working in Utah as a Utah employee and would need to obtain a Utah workers’ compensation policy or request your current workers’ compensation insurance carrier to endorse Utah on to the policy if possible.

What if my state does not have a reciprocity agreement with Utah?

If your home state is not listed on our website as having a reciprocity agreement with Utah, you or your insurance broker should ask your states workers’ compensation agency/bureau to send a request for reciprocity to ET@utah.gov. If they do not have provisions allowing reciprocity, then you will be required to obtain coverage in Utah.

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