Other Labor Issues

At-Will Employment

Employment in Utah is generally “at-will”. This means that an employer can fire an at-will employee without cause and without notice. Likewise, an at-will employee can quit without having to give any notice.

Utah courts have three general exceptions to the at-will rule: (1) when the termination violates clear and substantial Utah public policy; (2) when an implied or express contractual term requires dismissal only for cause; or (3) a statute or regulation restricts the employer's right to terminate.

If you believe that your termination violates any of these three exceptions, you may want to contact a lawyer to discuss your rights.

Hours Employed

Hours employed includes all time during which an employee is required to be working, to be on the employer's premises ready to work, to be on duty, to be at a prescribed work place, to attend a meeting or training, and for time used during established rest or break periods excluding meal periods of 30 minutes or more where the employee is relieved of all responsibilities. (R610-3-2.H.)

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