Appeal of A Housing Discrimination Determination and Order

When the director of the Antidiscrimination and Labor Division determines that an unlawful housing practice has occurred, the respondent may request a hearing before the Adjudication Division.

Once a request for hearing is filed, a hearing is scheduled, if possible, within 120 days. The hearing is designated as “formal” under the Utah Administrative Procedures Act. The parties may conduct discovery, the exchange and gathering of information, according to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure. All subpoenas must be issued by the Judge using the Commission subpoena form.

Legal Representation

An individual who is a party to a case may represent him or herself or have an attorney represent them. A corporation who is a party to a case must be represented by legal counsel who is duly admitted and licensed to practice law in Utah. Anyone representing a party to a case must also be duly admitted and licensed to practice law in Utah.

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