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Self Insurance

  • An employer must have been in business for a period not less than five years. An employer in business less than five years may be considered only if their liability is guaranteed by their parent corporation which has a business history of no less than five years.

    If the employer is a subsidiary, then a fully executed "Agreement of Assumption and Guaranty" by the parent, agreeing to indemnify all workers' compensation liability incurred while the subsidiary is self-insured in the state of Utah must be submitted. A division may not be self-insured if the parent company is not.

    The Commission may utilize services such as Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) credit ratings for the purpose of evaluating a company's financial ability to pay. The employer will not be considered if they do not fall within the top two D&B ratings on estimated financial strength (5A or 4A), which means the net worth must be $10,000,000 or more.

  • Call (801) 530-6800 for a self-insurance packet, or write to Self Insurance Coordinator, Utah Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents Division, P. O. Box 146610, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6610.

    The packet includes an application, forms, self-insurance rules and a letter explaining what is required to submit which includes:

    After considering the application and all supportive data, the Commission will either grant approval or advise the employer in writing of the requirements that must be complied with before an approval can be granted, or reason for denial of the self-insurance. Upon meeting the requirements, an employer will receive a certificate approving their status as a self-insured employer.

    A Renewal Application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the expiration date of the certificate to self-insure, along with an annual renewal fee of $650. This should also be accompanied by a certified audit report.

  • Yes, by submitting a petition for hearing with the Adjudication Division of the Utah Labor Commission.

  • The Labor Commission is not allowed to release information on self-insured employers other than the self-insured employer's name. List of Self-Insured Employers

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