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Workers Compensation Problems

  • The Claims Resolution Conference program assists in returning injured workers to work and in resolving workers' compensation claims quickly and simply.

    Currently, workers' compensation claims issues are resolved at formal hearings before an administrative law judge at the Labor Commission. Under the best of circumstances, these hearings take several months.

    The Claims Resolution Program can expedite the resolution of workers' compensation claims to less than four weeks from the time both parties agree to a conference.

    The Claims Resolution Conference brings both parties together. Then, with the help of a neutral facilitator, the parties develop solutions for resolving their workers' compensation disputes to the mutual benefit of both parties.

  • A Conference involves the claimant, employer and insurance carrier. A neutral facilitator trained in mediation assists the parties to evaluate issues of the claim. The facilitator helps the parties communicate their concerns, generate solutions and reach agreement. The facilitator does not impose a decision, but helps the parties move toward a mutually acceptable resolution of their disputes. When a resolution is reached, the neutral facilitator will prepare an agreement for the parties to sign. If no resolution is reached, the claim will proceed to a formal hearing.

  • A claimant is entitled to defined benefits under Utah law if an injury or disease is work related. A claimant, by law, has the right to settle or compromise any or all portion of benefits.

  • Yes. Prior to a Claims Resolution Conference, a workers' compensation Ombudsperson will provide the claimant with pertinent information relating to his/her claim. The purpose of the Ombudsperson is to ensure the claimant is informed about his/her rights under the law.

    • Voluntary
    • Informal
    • Speedy resolution
    • Less expensive
    • Fair and equitable
    • Informal
    • Reduces formal hearing backlogs
    • Cuts administrative costs
    • Allows settlement flexibility
    • Can result in lump sum settlements
    • Reduces actuarial uncertainties
    • Fair and equitable

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