Other workplace rights.

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Workers’ Compensation. You have the right to medical care and disability compensation if you are injured or become ill because of your work. If you have an accident, you should:

  • Report the accident to your supervisor;
  • Write down the names of all witnesses; and
  • Obtain necessary medical attention from the doctor or facility authorized by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. But in an emergency, get the fastest medical attention possible.

For more information about workers’ compensation click here

or contact the Industrial Accidents Division at (801)530-6800 (In-state Toll Free (800)530-5090) or by email at iaccd@utah.gov

Employment Discrimination. You have the right to be free from harassment or discrimination at work because of your race, religion, gender, national origin, age, color, pregnancy, or disability.

To learn more click here

or contact the Antidiscrimination and Labor Division at (801)530-6801 (toll free (800)222-1238) or by email at discrimination@utah.gov

Occupational Safety and Health. You have the right to work in an environment that does not pose a risk to your health or safety.

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or contact the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division at (801)530-6901.

Coal Mine Safety. You have the right to report a mine safety condition that could cause a serious accident, injury, illness or fatality.

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or contact the Office of Coal Mine Safety at (888)988-6463.

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