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Utah Occupational Safety and Health
(Utah OSHA)

Mission ~
Achieving compliance and providing assistance
with safety and health in the workplace.

Occupational Safety and Health
An Old Tradition in the Great State of Utah

The tradition of protecting our workers and improving workplace safety and health is nothing new in the great State of Utah.

By the 1950s, two decades before the creation of Federal OSHA, Utah had promulgated standards and safety orders addressing some of the most serious threats to worker’s safety at that time. This proactive approach was again evident in 1973, when Utah enacted the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Act, giving Utah OSHA the mandate to administer all laws and lawful orders to ensure that every employee in this state has a workplace free of recognized hazards.

According to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, States can apply for approval to operate their own occupational safety and health programs. Utah started the state plan application and approval process in 1973 and was granted official approval on July 16, 1985. Since that date, occupational safety and health in the state falls under the authority of the State of Utah Labor Commission. There are 26 states and territories considered state plan states in the country. Today, Utah’s commitment to worker safety and health remains as strong as ever.

Vision Statement ~
Working together we can make the beautiful State of Utah a safer place to work, elevating our workplace safety and health culture to a higher level of excellence.

Work related fatalities, serious injuries and imminent danger situations can be reported to Utah OSHA 24/7 by calling 801 - 530 - 6901. If there is no answer, please leave a message and you will be contacted during business hours.

To report a hazardous condition in your workplace please use our online form, our downloadable pdf form or our Spanish form.

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