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Division of Boiler, Elevator and Coal Mine Safety


Our mission is to maximize boiler, elevator and coal mine safety, and provide for effective coal mine accident response.

The Division of Boiler and Elevator Safety also administers Coal Miner Certification and the Office of Coal Mine Safety from our satellite offices in Price, Utah.

The Division's challenge is to apply appropriate engineering and inspection standards to ensure that Utahns will not be harmed by defective boilers, pressure vessels, elevators or escalators. To that end, the Division emphasizes training to allow inspectors to remain current with new technologies and participates in the development of national codes governing boilers, pressure vessels, elevators and escalators.

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Price Office - Coal Mining
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Utah State University Eastern
Western Instructional Bldg
Rm 135 & 137
451 E 400 North
Box 6009, Price UT 84501
Phone: (435) 613-5901
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