Coal Mine Certifications

How do I get certified to work in a coal mine in Utah?
Federal law requires any new miner to complete a “New Hire Training” program prior to beginning work at a surface or underground coal mine. The required training is 40-hours for underground and 24-hours for surface. To find someone who provides the MSHA approved “New Hire Training” contact our Miner Certification Office at 435-636-1465 for more information.
How do I get certified to work as an Electrician, Foreman or Fire Boss in a coal mine in Utah?
The Utah Labor Commission provides all certification testing for Electricians, Foremen and Fire Boss’s in Utah. There are prerequisites and experience required for each of the certifications. If you would like to apply for one of the certification exams, please visit the Miner Certification page or, contact our Miner Certification office for information at 435-636-1465.
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